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What's On

Morning Worship
Sun 16th Dec @ 10.45am
Shortened Eucharist
Sun 16th Dec @ 12.15pm
Service of Lessons and Carols
Sun 16th Dec @ 6.00pm
Lindsey Carol Service
Sun 16th Dec @ 6.00pm
Morning Prayer
Mon 17th Dec @ 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Tue 18th Dec @ 8.30am
Carol Service at The Row
Tue 18th Dec @ 11.00am
Tadpoles - for babies, toddlers and their carers
Tue 18th Dec @ 1.30pm
Hadleigh Community Primary Carol Service
Tue 18th Dec @ 2.00pm
Waterfield House - informal service
Tue 18th Dec @ 3.00pm
Silent Prayer, at the Salvation Army Hall - all welcome
Tue 18th Dec @ 4.30pm
Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
Wed 19th Dec @ 8.30am
Mothers' Union
Wed 19th Dec @ 2.00pm
Morning Prayer
Thu 20th Dec @ 8.30am
St Mary's School Carol Service
Thu 20th Dec @ 2.00pm

There are a number of regular christian worship services in Hadleigh, Layham & Shelley throughout the year. Seasonal Services take place especially at Easter and Christmas.

Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings and Funerals are all part of the regular life within the church as well as Civic Services.

For dates and times of all services throughout the Benefice: see CALENDARS

What can you expect?

A rich and diverse offering of worship

Said Eucharist (BCP) – 8am (Hadleigh only)

A said service of communion using the Book of Common Prayer (i.e. there are no hymns). Held in the Lady Chapel it is a formal but quiet and reflective service including a shortened sermon – lasting around 40 minutes.

Sung Eucharist (CW)

A communion service with hymns and a sermon with liturgy from Common Worship. In Layham & Shelley we sing the Gloria. In Hadleigh many of the communal aspects of the liturgy are sung to a range of different musical settings. Clergy and ministers are robed. On the fourth Sunday of the month Layham & Shelley alternate hosting the service, so please keep an eye out for where it is.

Morning Worship

The structure of Morning Prayer from Common Worship is used with seasonal variations. In Shelley, lay elders and those authorized lead an informal service. Ministers/leaders are often not robed. In Hadleigh selected services will include baptism – those months are identified on the website (on the Baptism page). The new authorized baptism service will be used.

Shortened Eucharist – 12.15pm (Hadleigh only after Morning Worship)

A short communion service, beginning at the preparation of the table. Using Common Worship liturgy with no hymns or sermon – lasting about 15 minutes.

Informal Worship – 6pm (Hadleigh only)

A new regular opportunity for worshipping informally using traditional and contemporary music. Initially starting in the Prayer Chapel and finishing by 7.30pm. There is no sermon.

Informal Communion – 10.45am (Hadleigh only)

An inclusive act of worship for everyone. The service uses the structure of Common Worship Communion but presented creatively and differently each time. Those leading will be robed and people of all ages are invited to take part in leadership roles. Music of all traditions and types.

Deanery Eucharist – every fifth Sunday at 10.30am

On fifth Sundays we are all invited to join together in worship to express our unity as a Deanery with God at our heart. There will therefore be only one service in the Deanery on those Sundays, at the church listed above. Refreshments (but not lunch) will be offered after the service, and we encourage you to stay on to get to know people from the other villages across our Deanery.

Regular worship in Hadleigh continues as usual during the week:

  • Tuesday, 8.30am Morning Prayer
  • Wednesday, 8.30am Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
  • Thursday, 8.30am Morning Prayer
  • Friday, 8.30am Morning Prayer
  • Friday, 10am Café Church Communion

While some parts of the services are always the same, others change. For example, two or three Bible selections may be read. These change each Sunday. Certain of the prayers also change, in order to provide variety. Parts of the service that change are printed in the service leaflet provided.

The Church of England invites to Holy Communion all baptised persons who are communicant members of other Churches, which subscribe to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and who are in good standing in their own Church. Those prevented by conscience or the rules of their own Churches from receiving the Blessed Sacrament are invited to receive a blessing.

St Mary's Hadleigh has permission from the bishop so that children can receive Holy Communion before they are confirmed. This is so that they are fully included in the life of the church. When they reach an age at which they understand more about the experience they can make their own choice to be confirmed.


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