What's On

Said Eucharist (BCP)
Sun 22nd Sep @ 8.00am
Sung Eucharist
Sun 22nd Sep @ 10.45am
Morning Prayer
Mon 23rd Sep @ 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Tue 24th Sep @ 8.30am
Harvest Festival at The Row
Tue 24th Sep @ 11.00am
Tadpoles - for babies, toddlers and their carers
Tue 24th Sep @ 1.30pm
Silent Prayer, at the Salvation Army Hall - all welcome
Tue 24th Sep @ 4.30pm
Elke's Licensing at Bildeston
Tue 24th Sep @ 7.30pm
Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
Wed 25th Sep @ 8.00am
Lunchtime recital - Sarah Gallop
Wed 25th Sep @ 12.30pm
Elders' meeting
Wed 25th Sep @ 2.00pm
Morning Prayer
Thu 26th Sep @ 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Fri 27th Sep @ 8.30am
Cafe Church Communion
Fri 27th Sep @ 10.00am
Learning and Growing course
Fri 27th Sep @ 7.30pm